Useful links

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) publish the Problem Pictures calendars and posters.

Key Curriculum Press publish Geometer's Sketchpad.

Cabrilog publish Cabri Geometry.

Here are details of the Autograph dynamic plotting software.

For more about the modelling activity with graphs see articles written by Adrian Oldknow.

Links to websites that use photographs for mathematics

eRiding Media Library from the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Flickr, the photo sharing website, can be searched for terms like 'geometry'.

Mathematical Photo Gallery compiled by Paul Scott of Adelaide.

Mathematics in Art and Architecture by Helmer Aslaksen of the National University of Singapore.

Maths in Nature from ABC in Australia.

Numeracy Resources - photographs on Bob Ansell's CD-ROM.

Ron Lancaster from Ontario is an enthusiastic user of photographs for mathematics teaching. He edits the Mathematical Lens column in NCTM's Mathematics Teacher. Subscribers can read the articles online.

West Sussex problem pictures: photos taken by pupils.

We welcome suggestions for other links to websites that use photographs for the understanding of mathematics. Email

Also of interest …

Numbers from one to thirty one … a page for each day of the month.

Photography and the Understanding of Mathematics, paper for the Bridges 2006 conference by Richard Phillips, large 4MB pdf file.